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Ingreso materias primas

Raw material process

Secado por spray


Polvo de limon deshidratador

lemon powder dehydrated


Direct from fresh fruit

LemonAid is a powdered juice made from lemon juice that undergoes a spray-drying process

It retains part of the vitamin C from the lemon and part of the natural components from the fresh fruit. Thanks to its natural lemon flavor and aroma, it is very useful for all food industry applications.

limon en polvo

Highly concentrated

It is used directly as powder. There is no need to reconstitute it with water.

It does not need to maintain the cold chain, and its flavor persists more than lemon juice, whether squeezed or bottled.

As it is highly concentrated, it performs better than similar products, whether powders or liquids.

balde de limon en polvo


Useful life: 24 months in its original closed pack

Containers: Plastic buckets containing a polyethylene bag. Net weight: 20 Kg

Stowage: 48 20 Kg buckets. Total: 960 Kg per pallet

Sin conservantes

No preservatives added

The product contains no preservatives such as potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate, or antioxidants such as butylated hydroxytoluene or butylated hydroxyanisole.

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Uses & Applications:

LemonAid offers a wide range of applications in different areas such as: The food industry.

Restaurants and Hotels: LemonAid is ideal for spicing food before, during, or after cooking, as it is easier to use than fresh fruit―foods only need to be dusted with it while maintaining a fresh lemon flavor. It is used with excellent results in the baking and grilling of chickens, meats, fish, as well as in sauces, salads, and other elaborate foods.

Catering services: For airplanes and cruisers.

Since LemonAid does not require a cold chain, storage space is greatly reduced. In addition, it is more practical than a slice of lemon or a lemon juice pouch, which contains preservatives, antioxidants, and sulfites and which usually goes with the foods and drinks that are served in airplanes and cruises.

Flours: To prepare pre-mixes for cakes, puddings, cookies, biscuits, and dough bases, among others.

Teas and infusions: To produce teas, infusions, and soluble lemon teas.

Ice-creams:Water-based or lemon cream, and to mix with other flavors.

Condiments and seasonings: Ideal for lemon-flavored bases, as it is easily mixed with other condiments or spices for application.

Other Applications

Lemon candies, Mint lemon candies, Lemon candies with honey, Cereal sticks with lemon, Sweets, Cookies with lemon, Sponge cakes, Lemon puddings, Lemon ice-cream, Lemon cream fillings, Chocolate coating for wafers or lemon cookies, Lemon cakes and fillings, Lemon pie, Drinks with lemon, Pharmaceuticals, Drinks - Lemonade - Tea with lemon - Powdered drinks

LemonAid is BMP and HACCP certified.